Our Mission



Our mission is to fulfill the Rebbe’s shlichus of bringing Moshiach, by empowering our teens , through the powerful tool of summer camp. As the Rebbe writes “The influence and education of a proper summer camp can be much greater even than a good school…” (29 Nisan, 5741)

LTP will provide a safe environment both b’gashmius and b’ruchnius, ensuring that every girl grow and realize their true potential. We will accomplish this through the learning, “out of the box” activities, and hands on experiences with nature.

At LTP, learning sessions will be fun, challenging and interactive. The girls will have farbrengens, late night discussions, and learning incentive programs which will infuse girls with a chayus and warmth for chassidishkeit.

We are carefully vetting our staff, ensuring they each have value systems of the highest standards. Their dedication will create a loving and caring environment, and provide girls with proper role models. In addition to the farbrengens held with the campers, the staff will also have farbrengens to strengthen each other and refocus on fulfilling this enormous shlichus. The LubavitchTeenProgram, will grant our teens a fun-filled summer fused with chassidishkeit, creating memories to last a lifetime.