“We have no words to adequately express our deepest feelings of gratitude for a most amazing summer experience you gave our daughter. Our daughter came home in the best of spirits and it is so clearly evident how she has B”H grown tremendously over these few weeks at LTP….When I asked her to describe her experience at LTP in one word, she instantly responded “Awesome”! It is truly amazing how one visionary along with a devoted team of chassidishe staff can have such a powerful positive impact on so many girls; the chassidishe values you instilled in them will keep them inspired and growing throughout the entire year and beyond. LTP has surely brought the Rebbe much Nachas…”

Grateful Parent – Summer 5778

“This summer, the summer of 5778, was BH the most amazing summer I have ever had. The farbrengens, programs, and constant inspiration really had a major impact on us campers, and I can assure you that every single one of us, myself included, gained tremendously from being in the LTP environment. Not only did we grow as individuals, we learned how we must each be a ner lehoir and affect those around us too. In addition to the amazing Ruchnius, the Gashmius was great too. The food, bunkhouses, showers and general activities were really awesome and the trips were a blast…”

Camper- Summer 5778

“The grounds were beautiful with air conditioned bunk houses. This allowed us to absorb the caring, positive, and unlimited energy which the staff exuded. But that wouldn’t have been enough for a revolutionary summer. It was more than that. Each counselor and headstaff went out of their way to forge a real relationship and connection with each camper. We are each our own world, with our own struggles, strengths, and needs…

The Rebbe always spoke about the importance of camp and now I truly understand why. LTP changed my life. I stumbled upon a treasure. I regained my purpose.

Camper – Summer 5778